Fishermen  getting ready to set sail  before the sun goes up.
Searching for a good spot to drop the fishing nets. They estimate the presence of fish by the cloudiness of the water

Getting a couple of hours rest before it's time to  pull the nets out. Masks are worn to avoid getting sick from the cold breeze . 

Sebi (the boat owner) pulling out the first net as the sun rises.

Fish caught in the net .

Babu looking for the float that marks the position of the second net.

Once ashore they lay down  wood beams to help  slide the  boat safe from high tide. 

Sebi's mother joins to help collect the fish from the net. She will later sell the fish at the local market.

Crow waiting  to score an easy breakfast

Special thanks to my friend Henk Vogel, who's passion to photograph and explore made this trip possible. Check him out on flickr

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